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Course Overview

AutoCAD for Landscape Designers

Duration: 2/4 day

Cost: Contact for prices

This 2 day (for 2D plans) or 4 day (for 3D) course has been designed for those designers using or wishing to evaluate, AutoCAD to improve the efficiency and quality of their service. Attending this course could increase your productivity and profitability. It allows for details to be drawn once and then used on otehr projects, without the need to completely re-draw each time from scratch. AutoCAD allows you to produce professional plans and details for your clients and reduces the re-draw time for changes and developments during the project timescale.

Course features:

  • Starting CAD - This section looks at the basic principles of the AutoCAD interface, starting a drawing from scratch, data input and the use of templates
  • Basic drawing and editing commands - Use the basic drawing commands, layer structure, editing commands and general draughting principles used to aid productivity.
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  • Hard landscaping - Investigate methods of creating areas for hatching, creating blocks and a library of standard shapes required (thereby reducing re-draw time), calculating areas for paving etc.
  • Planting layouts - Create standard planting plans, use of attributes for extraction to Excel or tables for schedules.
  • Layouts and annotations - Produce scaled drawings of your design, add text and dimensions, printing and plotting, creating title blocks and scale bars.

For those attending the 4 day course we also look at:

  • 3D principles - Working with 3D data, converting objects form 2D to 3D, shading and rendering.
  • Output for 3D information - Creating views, 3D orientation, printing and plotting 3D views.
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